plantuml - generate UML diagrams from files and view them in Eclipse

The plantuml library implements a DSL and renderer for many UML diagrams (class, sequence, objects, states, activities, …). See for more info about the DSL and renderer.

This project integrates plantuml’s functionality into Eclipse, by means of a view that shows a diagram for the currently active editor. The rendered diagram is typically based on explicit DSL code embedded in the editor, or generated from the content of the editor.

We currently support generating diagrams for

There’s also support for generating a diagram for all the Java classes within one or more Java packages.

Diagram generation is handled by (implementations of) an extension point, called diagram intent providers (supersedes diagram text providers), so you can customize the process of generating a diagram for other file types or editor content. Each diagram intent provider supports a certain way of generating a diagram from a source, typically the content of an editor. There may be several diagram intent providers for a certain source, so the user may select the desired one.

Each diagram intent provider may support properties that affect details of how diagrams are generated, that may be changed pr. workspace by adding properties in a specific properties file in a specific folder. The folder is settable in the PlantUML property sheet. E.g. the diagram intent provider for class diagrams supports two properties, that controls how attributes’ name and type are rendered. Certain other behavior is also controlled by properties in properties files, details can be found in Customization.


This repo uses the EPL license.


We use Issues for issue tracking, so head there concerning bugs or suggest features (check if they already exist before adding).

However, we have now (September 2021) started using Discussions, so please consider it, before use Issues, as the dialog may resolve the issue before it is even raised! Of course, you can also ask questions about how to use PlantUML, tell us about how you use it, comment on where the plug-in should be heading, etc.


We use github pages @ as the update site URL, in the Help > Install New Software… dialog.

Main plugins (net.sourceforge.plantuml.)


Notable features in recent releases, details are found in releases. Note that the version numbers of the plantuml.lib plugin are a bit special, since they use the version of the included plantuml.jar